Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shawl Collar Vest/Shrug

The Anarchist, in one of her very rare sightings.
I seem to have surpassed my fear of knitting/crocheting adult clothing. :) It's not so much a fear, but rather a "ooohhh-this-is-taking-so-long" feeling... Well, hyperactive rants aside, I'm proud to show off my first ever knitted adult garment!

The pattern couldn't be another easier (seamless and in-the-round), but becomes quite tedious, due to the ribbing. It's also free and may be found on Ravelry (here). I made my gauge proposedly bigger, so it had more drape to it.

The yarn used was Ice Yarns Etno Alpaca, in grey/white/black, which has this cool thick-and-thin texture that I adore.

And that't it. One awesome vest/shrug thing done! 

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