Friday, 9 January 2015

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Leggings (February)

This is my take on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Leggings (February). With a few mods, I managed to get the perfect 2T size! :) Made them last year and they still fit this year, YAY!

Please note that this is not my original pattern. This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern, found in Knitter's Almanacand The Opinionated Knitter (links to If you like knitting, please, please read her books and try her patterns! You will be a very happy knitter! :) 

My notes on the pattern:
The leggings are the perfect size for a 2 year-old.

Sport yarn held double; light worsted for ribbing.

4.5 st/inch

  • Casted 88 stitches, based on another pattern;
  • Only did 12 rows, instead of 24;
  • Regarding the increases, I only did 8 increase rows, for a total of stitch count of 124.
  • Knit straight for 3 rows;
  • 5 stitches on the front and 5 stitches on the back;
  • 55 stitches for each leg;
  • Decreased every 4th round until 31 st remained;
  • Knit 2 additional rows - 50 rows. On the last round, decreased an additional stitch to reach 30.

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